More Savings Options For Your Money  

Elite Savings Account –

This tiered-interest account is ideal for savers with higher balances who like the flexibility of a passbook. Make deposits and withdrawals without penalty. The higher your account balance, the higher the interest you earn. The interest rate reverts to the regular savings account rate if your balance drops below $2,500.

$2,500 minimum opening deposit

Ready Stash Savings Account –

Here’s the perfect place to create and build a stash of cash for your personal bucket list – Christmas, a special trip, college, budgeting household expenses – whatever you want. Deposits and withdrawals can be made without penalty.

$100 minimum opening deposit

Kids Count Savings Account –

We designed this account just for kids (18 and under) to teach them the value of regular saving. Each child receives a free piggy bank with a $10 minimum opening deposit.

Read more about Kids Count

*Federal regulation limits the number of checks, telephone transfers, online transfers and preauthorized electronic transfers to third parties (including Point of Sale transactions) from money market and savings accounts. You are limited to six (6) such transactions from each money market and/or savings type account(s) you have each month for purposes of making a payment to a third party or by use of a telephone or computer.

CD's – Certificates of Deposits

CD’s are a great option for diversifying your investment / retirement portfolio or for investing a large sum of money for a limited time, such as proceeds from a real estate sale, a tax refund or an inheritance.

Call or email us to ask about our CD rates*


CD Rates

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IRAs – Individual Retirement Accounts

We have both Traditional and Roth Individual Retirement Accounts that offer potential tax-deferred or tax-free growth of your savings.* Please contact us for current rates.

Traditional IRAs

A Traditional IRA allows you to set aside income up to a specified amount each year, and you may deduct the contributions from taxable income. Contributions and interest may be tax-deferred until retirement when, typically, income falls in a lower tax bracket.*


18-month, 30-month or 60-month CDs.
Unlimited deposits on qualified accounts.
$100 minimum investment.

We also offer SEPs, which are Traditional IRAs for self-employed individuals.

Roth IRAs

With a Roth IRA, the contributions are after-tax dollars, so when you retire, the earnings are tax-free. CBL enables you to draft your contributions from another institution’s account. Interest earnings can be withdrawn penalty-free and tax-free starting at age 59 if your account has been open five years or longer.*


18-month, 30-month or 60-month CDs.
Unlimited deposits on qualified accounts.
$100 minimum investment.
No Required Minimum Distribution (RMD). 

*Please consult your tax advisor for details






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