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Jennifer T. Jones Elected to Board of Directors for CBL State Savings Bank

On Thursday, April 18, 2019, Jennifer T. Jones was elected to the Board of Directors for CBL State Savings Bank. She currently serves as President and Chief Executive Officer. Jones will be a voting member of the board and serve dual roles in leadership for the community and the customers of CBL State Savings Bank. Jennifer T. Jones, who has been with CBL since 2000, states, “It is a privilege to serve among the great leaders of our community and, now, with the great leaders of our board. For more than a century, CBL State Savings Bank has been helping generations of people—some with savings plans and others with mortgages, and we are looking to the future. We have already expanded our op

Protect Identity - Mobile Device Disposal

Overview Mobile devices, such as smartphones, smart watches, and tablets, continue to advance and innovate at an astonishing rate. As a result, some people replace their mobile devices as frequently as every year. Unfortunately, people often do not realize how much personal data is on these devices. Below we cover what may be on your mobile device and how you should securely wipe it before disposing of it. If your mobile device was issued to you by your employer, or has any work data stored on it, be sure to check with your supervisor about proper backup and disposal procedures first. Your Information Mobile devices store more sensitive data than many people realize, often far more than your

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